Buzzy and the Little Critters: A Curious Tale of a Cicada Invasion

This book for early readers is a story about a boy, a girl, a grandpa, thousands of cicadas, and lots of other hungry critters. The grandpa (an entomologist) helps the children satisfy their curiosity about their own nature as well as the nature of these amazing cicada bugs, who can live underground for seventeen years before they come out buzzing.

Buzzy and the Little Critters was inspired by Dr. Roscoe E. Hill, the father of author / illustrator, Kenton R. (Ken) Hill. When Dr. Hill, Professor of Entomology, was asked by a newspaper reporter to explain why cicadas make that loud buzzing noise, he simply replied, “It is just the nature of the little critters.”

Following Buzzy’s story, which includes an exciting action-packed dream scene, Ken shares more interesting facts and scientific information about this amazing bug. There is also a chart forecasting when and where the 17-year cicadas will arrive next.

After a career as a teacher, counselor, school principal, and leadership coach, Ken is now writing and illustrating children’s books. He and his wife live in Portland, Oregon, where sadly there are no cicadas.

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